Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do you calculate the loan amount?

A: Every value assessment differs depending on the product. Most estimates fall between a third and a half of the market retail value, depending on demand, popularity and the product’s physical and working condition. Some products get more depending on the season. We use pricing reference books as well as the Internet to research new items.

Q: How do you know your used retail items work?

A: All bought and pawned items are tested before we purchase any products; we put forth the appropriate effort to ensure all our merchandise works properly. If we can’t test it, we won’t take it. Most items carry a 30-day warranty. Also, we have a dedicated employee that tests and refurbishes all merchandise before it is put on the sales floor.

Q: What is the origin of the word pawn?

A: pawn (1) – “something left as security,” late 15th century (mid-12th century as Anglo-Latin pandum), from Old French pan, pant “pledge, security,” also “booty, plunder,” perhaps from Frankish (compare to Old High German pfant, German Pfand, Middle Dutch pant, Old Frisian, pand “pledge”), from West Germanic *panda, of unknown origin. The Old French word is identical to pan “cloth, piece of cloth,” from Latin pannem (nominative pannus) “piece of cloth,” and some feel this is the source of both the Old French and West Germanic words (perhaps on the notion of cloth used as a medium of exchange). The verb is attested in the 1560s, from the noun. Pawnbroker is from the 1680s.†

† ( Courtesy of Douglas Harper, Online Etymology Dictionary © 2010 ) Jewelry:

Q: How do you know if a diamond is real?

A: Employees receive ongoing, hands-on training and can usually spot a fake diamond with just a glance. All legitimate pawn and jewelry shops use an electronic diamond tester for flaws and authenticity.

Q: Why do colored diamonds cost more?

A: Colored diamonds are rarer, more precious than standard white diamonds, and are a unique, prized beauty.

Q: Do you repair jewelry or send it out like many other jewelry stores?

A: We have a 20 plus year master jeweler that does all our work right here in our store. This includes custom work. All is casted on site. From large, expensive stones to modest starter rings, our jeweler has done them all. Most important, with the same attention to quality. Pawn:

Q: How do pawns work?

A: Pawn is another term for a loan. Pawns are collateral loans, where a percentage of the value is kept by the creditor in order to ensure the debtor’s repayment. Failure to return after a specified time contractually allows the broker to sell the item. South Carolina law dictates that pawns be held 90 days before it may be resold. Interest and fees are calculated every 30 days after the loan.

Q: Will you finance someone with a bankruptcy?

A: YES! We have a guaranteed [quarantee] finance program along with several special finance options for people who need to start rebuilding their credit. You can even layaway your down payment! Please see our store for more information.
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